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Improve Your Law Firm’s Records Management with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tracking | RFID File Tags Locate Legal Case Files

Improving Your Law Firm’s File Tracking with RFID

Is records management one of the most problematic areas of your law practice? You know that if your staff can’t find client files when needed, stress, frustration and operational inefficiencies arise in the office. A great solution to this problem is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Records Management System.

How RFID Automatically Tracks and Locates Files with Tags

RFID tracking tags can be embedded in your files or color coded labels to provide an instantaneous location for files or documents. RFID tracking tags come equipped with tiny RFID transmitters built into file labels. The RFID Readers check files in and out of the file room and track the files wherever they go in the office and provide tracking information for when they leave the office. The RFID system enables groups of files to be processed in and out of the file room and automatically updates the file location in the database. This means if a file is moved from one office to another, the RFID software will track the file’s location, which can eliminate search time and frustration in your office.  Portable RFID Readers can be used to inventory files circulating in individual offices. All you have to do is wave the Reader around your desk or office and the portable RFID reader will beep when the file is located. (Click here to read a case study on how RFID tracking improved a law firm’s record management)find files and documents fast in law offices with rfid tracking technology

Benefits of Tracking Case Files with the RFID Records Management System

RFID tracking will allow you better management of your case files and other important documents because,

•Locations and statuses of files can be automatically identified and instantaneously updated

•You can track files throughout the workflow whenever they move or change hands

•Finding missing files quickly reduces time wasted searching

rfid case file tracking consulting and services for law officesIs Your Law Firm Ready for RFID File Tracking?

Southwest Solutions Group’s Information Management Division can help your law firm successfully plan and implement an RFID Records Management Tracking System.  Our team of knowledgeable and experienced RFID experts will meet with you to understand your objectives, analyze your current process, and create an innovative RFID solution that meets your specific needs. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us for more information on how you can find your files when you need them with a RFID Tracking System. We also offer other records management services such as digital imaging for litigation support, managing the lifecycle of records, and RIM audits.