Improving Your Information Management System with DMAIC Planning

Improving Your Information Management System

Southwest Solutions Group Manages and Organizes InformationWhere do you start when you need to create and/or improve your current records management system? Southwest Solutions Group has a standardized improvement model that provides your team with a consistent road map to develop or upgrade your records management system. The Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) model is a structured rigorous approach to process improvement where each phase is logically linked to the previous phase as well as the next phase.

Define the Information to be Captured and Managed

In this section of the model, we define the objects and gather information using a standard consistent capture method, which includes documenting the workflow and lifecycle of documents and information. Although this is a time consuming step, gathering information is well worth it because you capture the information once and then use it many more times in the future.

Measure the Source of Information Management Bottlenecks and Processing Problems

One of the goals of the Measure phase is to determine the location or source of information processing problems as precisely as possible by building a factual understanding of existing information process conditions. That knowledge will help narrow the range of potential causes requiring investigation in the Analyze phase.

DMAIC Information Management ModelAnalyze and Identify Root Causes of Information Management Process Problems

In the Analyze stage, we develop theories of root causes and confirm the theories with collected data. This step identifies that root cause of any issues uncovered in the measurement phase, and the verified cause will then form the basis for solutions in the Improve stage.

Improve Information Processes to Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

In the Improve phase, we make changes in a process that will eliminate the defects, waste, and unnecessary costs that are linked to the need identified during the Define and Measure phases. The purpose of the Improve phase is to demonstrate, with fact and data, that our solutions do solve the problem identified in the Analyze phase. During the Improvement phase, the solution is piloted, and plans are made for full-scale implementation.

Control to Insure Information Management Problems Do Not Reoccur

Putting a solution in place can fix a problem for the moment; however, the activities in the Control step are designed to ensure that the problem does not reoccur and that the new processes can be further improved over time.

RIM First Steps

Types of Information Management Improvements You Can Expect Using DMAICSSG Document Management Expert Consultants

Using this model you can begin to implement improvements including:

• Basic Standardization
• File Re-classification and Indexing
• Archive Evaluation and Plan Digital Conversion
• Purge (Documents/Files/Electronic)
• Policy and Procedures
• Training

Information Management Experts

Southwest Solutions Group has been serving the records and information management industry since 1969, and we are long standing members in the information management industry through membership in ARMA, AIIM, AHIMA, and IAPP associations. Our experience with the basic principles of good document management with paper filing has positioned us to understand and design document imaging systems.  Contact us today at 1-800-803-1083 for a free consultation session or visit us on the web at so that we can help you navigate the maze of regulatory issues impacting your business.